Teachable Moments In Traffic

This morning was a little out of the ordinary for us because my husband had
to fly last night and was still asleep when we awoke for school. (I don’t
know about you but my children don’t have the capability of being quiet in the morning.) “If you’re quiet this morning we can go get donuts!” brought about the closest thing to stealth mode that my children could muster. That being said – I got them up, dressed, and loaded in the van.

Normally I drive down 107 to get to their school on the air base but from
the donut shop it made sense to take 67/167 today. Lo and behold….we hit
traffic. Thankfully, it wasn’t stand still but a 30-40 mph creep. As we were sitting there I was regretting my decision not to take the frontage road when the car in front of us cut through the “emergency vehicle” path in the grass to the frontage lanes. Of course, my son fixated on that and began asking why I didn’t do the same. “It’s illegal,” I replied, “you can get a ticket.” “They will put you in jail!” my kindergartner added. Eyeing the nearly empty frontage road we continued to ooze South on the interstate.

Then I saw it…the little blue car, stuck in a line of probably 15 cars
trying to turn left from the frontage road at a one way stop sign. I won’t
lie…I was a little happy to see it there. If nothing else it gave me a
teachable moment from our morning spent in traffic.

To the kids I said, “Look! There is that little blue car that tried to take
a shortcut. That will teach you something…. There are going to be times in
your life when you are going to be tempted to take the fast or easy way out
of a situation but that might not be God’s plan for you. It could be that he
has a blessing for you and needs you to stay the course. In the end you will
probably come out ahead because you chose to obey.”

How have you used an everyday moment to teach a kingdom principal?

How does your Christianity show when you are driving on the highway?


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