Real. Intimate. Friendships.

Written By Cassie Hemphill, Bible Study Coordinator

I love being a part of Women’s bible study. I enjoy coming together with other women, having a cup of coffee, and drawing closer to Jesus. It excites me to come face to face with my Savior as we study, and I love to see the same passion for the Word in the women around me as we unfold what God reveals to us. When the study is over, I dearly miss sharing Scriptures with my friends. I miss the accountability and the richness each person brings week after week. While I still get that closeness from life group at church and other friends in my daily life, there is something special about gathering together as women and sharing in the Word. There is a bond. There is a relationship.

As women we crave intimate relationships, and this is especially true for me. My soul needs frequent touches from others. We crave acceptance in any form. That deep longing in our soul is our Creator telling us to draw closer, but we tend to use that feeling as a way to fit in. Being esteemed and encouraged is important. It is good to know that we are loved and liked, and that we are valued, worthy, and cherished. As women, we were created to have those needs met, but I think we forget too quickly that our desires and deep-heart longings are met when we come and sit at the feet of Jesus. Diving into God’s Holy Word is where we find we belong. It’s where we find we matter. The Word is how we tell others their desperate search is over in Jesus! What a challenging invitation!

I long for God to engulf my heart with a consuming passion for his Word. I want to breathe in the thoughts and revelations of God’s heart. I want to face the mundane, the challenges, the awesome and the terrifying that this year will bring with the complete knowledge that I am walking in total obedience. I want to hear God say each day, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

As I daily seek and study God’s Word, I want to learn to collide Him with my friendships. I want all my relationships to be based on my daily living out of Christ’s calling, regardless of the faith or belief of the other person. God has created me as an extremely relational person for a reason, and with that in mind, I know He has a purpose. I am far from perfect, and I should say while I am hopefully shining the light of Jesus, I also want to laugh, be silly, and probably at times make no sense at all with my friends. But at the end of all this, the only things I take truly serious are Jesus, my family, and my friendships. By building these bonds based on the truth of the Word, real intimate friendships can be found.


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