Where Treetops Glisten| Book Review & More

Today I would like to share with you a book review that I wrote and posted on my book review blog. I chose to read Where Treetops Glisten because it was written in part by Tricia Goyer, our guest speaker for The Cherished Table. As I share this with you, we have confirmed 108 guests for our ministry dinner. We (your ministry team) believe that all in attendance will be blessed by the message that God will bring to us through this gifted Christian author.

Christian Shelf-Esteem

IMG_3883 Click the photo to be linked to the publishers website and full book description.

My Review

Where Treetops Glisten kindles warm feelings of nostalgia in the hearts of readers. Journey down memory lane to a time when pleasures were simple and courtship was virtuous. Linger in the warm feeling of patriotism, but be prepared to grieve over the ravages of war. The trio of Tricia Goyer, Cara Putman, and Sarah Sundin author this World War II romance in perfect harmony.

The Turner family hails from Lafayette, Indiana in the heart of the Midwest. Like most families of the early to mid-1940’s they are seeking “normal” as the nation fights it’s second Great War. Where Treetops Glisten takes a look into the lives of three Turner siblings: college student Abigail, big brother and  Army pilot Pete, and nurse Meredith. While their lives intertwine their struggles are different and each must learn…

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