Stories of Spiritual Awakening – Micah Tallent

As we lead up to our Awakening Women’s Conference on April 17-18, we want every believer to be in prayer and prepare her heart for a spiritual awakening in her life.  Look deep into your heart and ask God to take you to a new level of passion and commitment to His word and His principles. To encourage you in this journey, we want to highlight some stories of spiritual awakenings that women in our church have experienced.  Here is the first story from our pastor’s wife, Micah Tallent, in her own words:

God has unique ways he speaks to us. Most often, he speaks through his word over the course of time, but every once in a while he chooses to AWAKEN our spirit through a specific moment.

Two years ago was one of those moments for me. I was at the Little Rock Abortion Clinic. Unfortunately, it was a busy day. I spent my morning engaged in sidewalk counseling, pleading with young women to reconsider the decision that undoubtedly they had already made. I desperately wanted them to know that they had other choices than the one that would lead not only to the death of their baby, but to a lifetime of regrets and emotional pain.

That day in particular, God used bumper stickers on a couple of vehicles that arrived at the abortion clinic to get my attention: A fish symbol, the family stick figures, a logo for a local church, and the “I ❤ Jesus” sticker all caught my eye as they pulled into the parking lot to take advantage of the horrific “services” rendered there.

I realized at that moment, we (The Church) had our blinders on. We did not see (or have chosen not to see) the crisis that even women in our churches were facing.  Unplanned pregnancies, verbal and physical abuse, and addictions are not something that takes place out somewhere in society, but often takes place in our own pews. At that moment God started me down a path. A path that would heighten within me a sensitivity to women in our churches who are struggling under the cloak of secrecy.

The past two years have been an incredible journey for me.  God has opened many doors for effective ministry. I’ve seen babies saved from abortions, families reconciled, young women turn to Christ, and I have rejoiced in these victories.  But I am not blind or naïve.  I am not sharing this to stoke an emotional fire that will flicker for a moment then whisper away.  I refuse to hide the obvious truth …. The truth is most I’ve met have chosen to abort. Most families are still dysfunctional, angry, bitter and messy. Most have rejected my Jesus. Though this breaks my heart it does not surprise me because we live in a sin soaked world and our enemy is hard at work. I know that in this world we will have trouble and knowing this only strengthens my passion for those that are hurting.


What signs do you see that God is using to bring you to a whole new level of service in His kingdom?


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